MEXSONG INTERNATIONAL – ACADEMIA DE CANCIÓN DE ARTE is the only program in Mexico dedicated exclusively to the study, interpretation and promotion of the art song, for the benefit of those committed to this vocal genre.

It offers a one-week educational meeting for 12 singers and 6 pianists with workshops, lectures and individual and group classes to deepen the knowledge of the repertoire and its interpretive process, guided by internationally renowned guest artists who have reached the highest standards of excellence as interpreters and pedagogues of the art song.

For singers, it includes activities related to vocal technique, art style song interpretation, stage presence, diction, and the participatory relationship of text, movement and storytelling. For pianists it includes activities to clarify the difference between the pianist as a solo artist and the pianist as a collaborative artist, who focuses on collaboration and partnership with other artists with whom he or she enjoys working as the main means of interpretation.

At the end of the course the participants are offered the opportunity to perform in concert so that they can share their artistic skills and their knowledge.

Participants will meet other artists and teachers who share the same passion for the Art Song. This will favor networking with professionals and universities to foster collaboration and mutual benefit. It will take advantage of new technologies for the artistic diffusion with transmissions in the social networks.


Four artists participate in the teaching team of the academy, three of them in with an expertise in Lied, Mélodie or Latin American and Spanish Art Song,  and a master pianist with a specialization in Collaborative Artist for Singers. For the year 2017 the participating artists will be:

Students will have lectures, individual classes, group classes, and coaching sessions, with teacher rotation, according to an established schedule. Conferences and group classes will be held in one classrooms for the entire group, and individual classes and coaching sessions will be held in separate classrooms. Group classes may be open to the public.

Lunch will be made with teachers and students together, and both will have a recreational activity during the week. These activities are done to promote recreation and friendship.

June 30 - July 7, 2017

Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua

$ 950.00 US Dlls, 
per participant
 To register, the student must
  • Fill out the online registration form with general information and a recent photograph.
  • Include biography (600 words)
  • Include a list of works you wish to study. The list must contain at least 4 Lieder, 4 Mélodie and 4 Latin American or Spanish art songs.
  • Include two YouTube links of art songs on a contrasting style and character, no more than 15 minutes in total. It is asked to be of the best audio quality possible and unedited.
  • The participants can be soloists or duets already formed of singer and pianist.




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